Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ramblings - dream on

I tend to recycle thoughts in these ramblings depending on where I am in the experience called life. Lately, I've been thinking about dreams a lot - not the ones that come to you when in sweet slumber but the ones that you set for yourself in waking moments. Is there is the 'end destination'? A moment when you will have achieved that ultimate dream? Or is it like the 'quest for zero defect', an ongoing process that is never finalised.

I often wonder what that day will be like. The one when I wake up and I am living my ultimate dream. One of the things that keeps us going is the goals and milestones we have. And every time we achieve one, we shift onto the next one. And then the next. With that in mind, I often question that 'ultimate dream'. There are planned steps along the way but these constantly change as I gain further knowledge. Things I always wanted to do are forgotten as others come about that seem a better fit. I try to keep focused on the end state that I dream of, and ensure that everything I do works towards that, but what if that isn't what I really want. Do I have to reach that point to recognise that?

Confusing, I know. I am sitting in a position where something I have contributed to has been realised and I am already looking beyond to what can be done next. There is no time to savour the moment and I find myself questioning this. Will this be the case with everything I do? When I released my first book, while excited about it, I was already thinking about my next one, and the one after that. Is it just me or is this normal?

We expend so much emotion, time and energy of things but, when we achieve them, we shift the goalposts and find something new to chase after. That seems like the way of the world.

When does it stop?