Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ramblings - the beginning & the end are often the same

I just realised that this is the second, if not third, end of year that I have been sending out ramblings, albeit sparsely in the last year. And this time of the year (although we are already getting deep into it), I tend to talk about the same things - the need for introspection, for taking stock, for looking back over the last year to understand how your present became your present so you can determine the future.

Nothing's changed. In fact, I find myself sitting in the same place I was last year, kinda. Self-employed. It has been an interesting, at times, long year. Last year this time I had left employment and forged out on my own. That lasted a couple of weeks and I spend 2008 in employment. Once again, I have taken the step out on my own. I have come to realise I am unemployable and need to focus on my dreams. What a friend of mine calls 'personal legend' and I simply call 'purpose'.

So what is your personal legend? What footprints are you going to leave on those around you, what legacy are you going to leave? How do you want to be remembered, even when you still here? I believe that what you are building in the future should be the lens through which you look at your present.

As we take a step into another year, these are the questions I ask myself. Do you think about them? Do you think about what 'you' represents to those around you? If someone speaks your name, what thoughts come to mind? Are they what you hope them to be?

Just a thought.

I have never been one for new year's resolutions but, for 2009, I seek to create some level of fluency and regularity with these ramblings. They are just random thoughts. They may or may not have relevance.

Easy runnings


Unknown said...

I made this logo for myself this year.


I vowed to disgard the procrastination and fear in my life of venturing out to take chances on my dreams.

So I set a goal, split it up into four sections, and I'm working a 2nd job to obtain it.

My goal for 2010 is to be self employed. I see it is not an easy journey. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." (LOL)

We rarely view ourselves as others view us, don't you think? Perception and reality kind of doing this dual dance.

I ask myself "If I were on my death bed, what is it that I would regret not doing... if I don't do it?"

these are the things I'm striving for.

Our journey continues!

Anonymous said...

Just finished the book the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - a delightful and insightful book about focusing on your personal legend. i would recommend it and I am sure you find some very helpful guidance. Wishing you the best.

Kojo Baffoe said...

Hey Marlene, I have read the Alchemist; big fan of Paulo Coelho's writing. It has been a while though and I'll go back and give it another read. Thank you. One often forgets that our bookshelves house great wisdom and guidance.