Tuesday, February 03, 2009

ramblings - dipping & diving

Greetings. As we creep further in 2009, the more I find myself wandering off path. I started the year fired up with ideas built on ideas built on dreams. I put together plans, layout projects that will change the world (at least my little piece of it), phone and generally harass people, and jump into the new year with excitement, fervour, determination and commitment.

Then 'real life' takes over. Bills need to be paid and money needs to be made. I find myself then compromising on the ideas and projects and plans just so I can get through the day, which becomes frustrating. Which then leads to more compromises as the excitement fades.


The key to this year, for me, having jumped back into the self-employed / freelance space, is to do things differently. It is to learn from previous forays into this world and not make the same mistakes. It is to take the experience gained and translate into a different reality.

As with most things, easier said than done.

Random thoughts.

The one advantage of a little spare time is that I get to catch up on my reading. I've rambled about hime before, someone whose writing I'm enjoying is Seth Godin (
www.sethgodin.com). And my new 'bible' is Timothy Ferriss' The Four Hour Work Week (www.fourhourworkweek.com). Since I just figured out the whole RSS feeds thing, I also get their blog posts regularly which I try to read as much as possible.

They are what has helped with the reviving waning enthusiasm.



Unknown said...

I just got done clicking both of those blogs and subscribing. I am always looking for education and upliftment and just another perspective of this thing we do called... creating.

I tell you, being self employed will definitely do one thing for sure - lets us know the extent of our self dedication!

Hey - I'm working 2 jobs right now. My day career to pay the bills, and my 2nd job to use for Designs by Vennie.

We press on, and i really enjoy your moments of sharing that let me know all of my self questioning and the path I'm on is not as solitary as I think - I journey with others like you.

Have a blessed day :)

Kojo Baffoe said...


Good to know that the words do resonate with someone. We definitely need companions on this journey, even if it is in spirit.

Keep pushing, keep making things happen... there is no other option. Without dreams, what else is there to believe in?


Christian said...

Hi Kojo,
I have found your blog through Google by searching for 4-Hour Workweek and Munich, Germany.
I'm wondering, if you're still interested in the 4HWW and are still living in Munich.
I have founded a local group of 4HWW addicts in Munich. We are 20+ people now, meeting regularly and are organized in the forum www.4hww-munich.de.
I like to ask you, if you want to join us and just come on over to one of our meetups. Drop me a message at info@4hww-munich.de
Best Regards
(Sunny in the Forum)