Thursday, February 26, 2009

ramblings - can you do everything?

Greetings. In business, one must constantly revisit one's stratgy and plans to ensure that things are on track and to make the necessary changes to ensure that you stay on track. Or even, to change direction because reality often has its own ideas. In the world in which we currently live, which is moving at enormous speeds, business needs to be flexible and dynamic enough to make the necessary changes, otherwise it gets left behind.

The question is: do you do the same as an individual? Do you take stock of where you are going and the means you are using to get there? And when life evolves, do you evolve with it? We all have strengths and areas that we are not so strong in. Do you operate to your strengths?

Being the proverbial 'jack of all trades', I often grab at anything because I figure I can always hustle my way through it. Often, I end up hating the experience and distracting myself from what it is I am really good at (yeah, there are one or two things I can actually do relatively well). I haven't always done so but I have been working long enough to know what I enjoy doing and what I am above average in. As a result, if I am approached about something or go into something, if I know that I am not as strong, or simply do not know, I make it known and cede to those who do know. That way I am able to learn and enhance my knowledge. It takes pushing ego aside and leaving myself open to greater insight and greater value. I don't always get it right, but I do believe it is a step in the right direction.

This is a journey and none of us has all the answers. We need to acknowledge that, especially to ourselves. And then we need to surround ourselves with people who complement us, are able to take us, as a collective forward. Sometimes it means getting out of the way and following. If we don't, we end up as the stumbling blocks to achieving our own dreams.

A random thought.


Unknown said...

hey there - was thinking about you this morning for some reason.

i tell you - doing this whole "work for yourself" thing is really truly a roller coaster ride, but you know, i have found that the one thing I enjoy most about it is the absolute incredible sense of self reward that comes with the success of it. of course, i'm not at the point yet that I can walk away from the 8-5 corporate world, but i'm halfway there - and the doors keep opening.

I keep thinking about - "unless we know failure, we can never appreciate our success" - don't know if that's wholey true, but i know that my failures definitely have made me much more structured and focused and responsible.

anyway - hope all is blessed in your world.

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